Crawler Bulldozer Hiring, Crawler Dozers, Construction Equipment Hire India


Bulldozers are used for building roads, constructions, demolitions, clearing land, grading, mining, forestry and development of infrastructure, etc. Bulldozers or earthmoving dozers as they are commonly called are used on varying lands and sites such as mines, industrial factories, civil project sites, farms, quarries, military bases and many other engineering or construction sites.

Bulldozer hiring is available for a range of different earthmoving machines including Caterpillar, Komatsu and BEML bulldozers. These are the key vendors of Crawler bulldozers. We at KCE bring to you the best of these leading brands. Each of our earth space moving bulldozers is in best condition to work even in the most untoward sites and adverse climates including hot and sandy deserts, sooty lands, wastelands, areas covered with heaps of snow.

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CATERPILLAR D4-D 75 HP engine 9 tons operational weight
CATERPILLAR D5G 90 HP engine 9.5 tons operational weight
CATERPILLAR D6G 160 HP engine 18 tons operational weight
BEML BD50 90 HP engine 11 tons operational weight
BEML BD80 180 HP engine 20 tons operational weight
BEML BD155 324 HP engine 36 tons operational weight

Onsite service, repairs and maintenance

We believe in providing complete solutions for construction related projects. We provide highly standardized and quality services for complete site management involving operating, repairs and maintenance services onsite. We believe in customer satisfaction and allow full flexibility to the clients in terms of adversity of location, timings of operation, maintenance requirements and resource needs. We always keep our stocks updated to help you get any issue resolved within no time.

We are a team working with values and thus work responsibly where quality of service and customer relationships are the major concerns for any project that we undertake. All services are executed as per clients’ requirements as well as industry norms.

Why us?

In the field, the working of machines is based on various intelligent strategies. The major factors affecting the completion of any construction project within the prescribed time and with excellent quality are:

  1. Performance of the construction machines
  2. Flexibility with working conditions
  3. Availability and quality of staff
  4. Timely delivery of work

At KCE, we are involved in continuous research and work with proper planning and strategy management. We not only provide you with a one stop solution for construction bulldozer and excavator hiring but also fulfill the complete site management needs. Letting no loop holes be left uncovered we guarantee:

  1. Machine Performance
  2. All bulldozers are well tested from fore to aft before they play their role in the field. We organize field visits personalizing the customer experience and assuring no compromise in quality thus making our machines fit to work in all types of construction projects knowing no limit or extremity.

  3. Quality Staff
  4. We have a developed network of highly skilled and knowledgeable field workers and engineers. This also includes the skilled labor, operators, technicians and drivers with great amount of experience available to work in flexible or rotating shifts to balance the customer requirements. They have practiced the art of quality in service throughout their journey.

  5. On time delivery & Commitment
  6. We are a company that values time and customer relationships. KCE is highly committed to its work responsibility and is always available for support and solutions to queries.

  7. Cost Reliability
  8. We have wide range of earthmoving bulldozers and excavators available of hiring at very reliable rentals. We have the self owned machines and thus our rates are absolutely unmatched and best in market.